Redken Color Extend Shampoo Logo Pattern in Revit

00022 Number=44

I’m sorry about the misleading title – this post is not about hair care. My wife uses this particular shampoo, and while I was taking a shower the other day my eyes found rest upon the logo of her preferred scalp product. I normally think a lot about different things to model while I’m showering, and was quite surprised that I hadn’t noticed the pattern logo adorning the bottle sometime before.


While I’m quick to stress that what I managed to produce in Revit after a while turned out to be very different, I did like some of the visual aspects of the new pattern. A more similar pattern would take into account the more spherical form I neglected.

00040 Number=80

The Revit Mass family is basically a circular surface with a centric pattern and a two-point Adaptive Component. The procedure is very much like the one Zach Kron describes in his post (and video) Adaptive Components: From Data to taDa!, although I use a slightly more sophisticated formula for calculating the circle radius. (Yes, I just had to point that out.)

11-03-2013 20-52-3711-03-2013 20-52-5011-03-2013 20-26-28

Last, of course I had to produce an Image-O-Matic animation of the different pattern spacing and number conditions. In this particular video I’ve used a pulse the equals the duration between two average human heartbeats. This in an attempt to provoke some kind of hypnotic suggestion within the viewer.

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