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Reope is now the name of our company in Norway. We’re changing it from Bad Monkeys to Reope.

I have always been a late bloomer, and have finally come to understand that when you build a company, you also build a brand. And when you build a brand for a company, you need to control and own that brand. It’s as simple as that. We cannot control what the Bad Monkeys brand does, and frankly, I wouldn’t want to! I love the idea of the monkeys running wild, so to speak, and also think that anyone controlling the monkey brand would ruin the monkey identity.

So, we need the company and the network to be two different things; Reope – part of the Bad Monkeys network.

Being part of Bad Monkeys offers a lot of benefits. We collaborate on projects and products. We share resources and knowledge. And we meet up whenever global pandemics are not happening, which is always great fun.

Why Reope?

For us, Reope means a recurring surprise, or a new discovery by accident. It consists of re and ope, where re is Latin for starting over again, and ope is midwestern for oops! This is how it is to program for us. Like I tell my friends sometimes: I just click all the buttons and see what happens.

Our Reope rebrand launch video, where I explain to my mom what’s going on.

So how can Reope help you?

Reope operates as your software development department. Instead of hiring one developer who knows perhaps one or two things really well, you hire us and together we deliver a range of services to you based on what you need most. You get a team of specialists who obsess about delivering valuable tools to you and your organization.

If you’re a building owner, you want to hire us to help your project teams deliver better designs faster. Your hired guns will operate at a higher level of efficiency, deliver more information faster, and spend their time working on value-adding activities and not assembly line repetitive distant look monkey work.

If you’re an architect or engineer, you’ll hire us to reduce your team’s wasted time on projects by scaling your dream workflows to your entire organization. We help your colleagues understand automation and we increase your Level of Happiness (LOH) through the removal of meaningless tasks. You get better tools and processes and happier architects and engineers.

And if you’re a contractor, you would want to hire us to turn the above into profit.

Because we’re architects and engineers, we understand which problems you need to solve and why. That’s also why we deliver fast. Send us your Dynamo script today, and you get a Revit add-in tomorrow.

We have been doing this for 3 years now, and it works. If you want to know more about who we are and what we’ve done, have a look at our website. If you want to know more about our business model and pricing, call me on my phone at +47 918 67 069 or email me at havard@reope.com. If what you need aligns with what we do, we will make your life better.