I am inspired by sharing communities, and believe the international architecture, engineering and construction industry would do well to revise its visions about sharing knowledge and content. The idea that a company’s assets are files and folders, and that its employees will grow by keeping their knowledge to themselves is outdated at best.

Structural rebars in beamVasshaug Rebar Library (Revit Library)
Revit as a Tool for Modeling Concrete Reinforcement (Handout)
This is the greater part of the content and documentation I have developed during implementing and teaching Revit as a tool for modeling concrete reinforcement in Norway the past 6 years. It is localized for Norwegian code (NS3766), but most of it is in English and should work as a valuable addition or guidance to other codes or company standards. The documentation is the latest 86 page handout distributed with my AU 2014 presentation with the same title.

logoDark Revit Library (GitHub link)
In 2013 my colleagues Arne Folkestad Bjelland, Christine Grape and my decided to open source and publish our company Revit Library. This is by far not a complete library, but rather one that we feel gives a sense of usability and aesthetics to early phase design and competitions. Originally published on the domain, the repository has remained it’s name, but changed it’s form and location. We hope this action will trigger others to follow, because it’s a small effort that can have a big impact on the industry.

Flat 3

Andy Milburn’s (and other’s) Flat Content. Downloaded from herehere and here, modified and standardized. Read the comments.


Waffle Void System
Waffle Slab Void System for cutting Concrete Floors and obtaining a waffle slab. There has been problems with the Group Arrays in the family in Revit 2014 and 2015. Please check your results.

Foundations and voids thick linesSteel Pile
Steel Pile family with multiple voids for cutting concrete. Parametric with a rotation parameter that allows you to tilt it in any given direction.

PT slab 5-point hosted

Post Tension reinforcing bars tested as Adaptive Components
PT bar 3-point
PT bar 5-point
PT mass
Adaptive Component families for modeling Post Tension reinforcing bars. This is research people!

All content is used on the users own risk, and I take no liability for potential errors.

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