Revit Technology Conference

Jay, Martijn and me at RTCEUR 2014 in Dublin

Jay, Martijn and me at RTCEUR 2014 in Dublin

Revit Technology Conference (RTC) is a series of global events that gather building designers and builders who have a common passion of digital technology and sharing knowledge. The conference is awesome because it attracts awesome people and because it creates a small and intimate setting where these people have fun. That’s it. Gather awesome people, and let them have fun. That’s how you solve any problem.

I have attended and/or spoken at every RTC worldwide since Vancouver in 2013. In Canada I was blown away by the companionship and party style of a technical conference. That’s where I met all my Canadian friends, whom I now hook up with as often as I can. Later that year I learnt how to party like an animal in Delft. Okay, I already knew how to do that, but I had never done it with Jose Fandos before. That’s also where I met Julien Benoit for the first time. On the train ride home that Sunday morning, haunted by the party animal, Julien told me to learn Dynamo. Best. Advice. Ever.

In 2014 I did a hat trick speaking in Melbourne, Chicago and Dublin totaling some 11 hours on stage presenting and labbing. That year climaxed with the before-mentioned Monseigneur Benoit and me co-hosting a double Dynamo lab. And finally this year I did the third and single best presentations in Australia’s Gold Coast, both on Dynamo.

I have learnt so much, laughed so hard and met so many extraordinary people during these two years.

Today, on Thursday July 23rd 2015, in Washington DC, the first RTC since Auckland, New Zealand, kicks off without me in it. If you are there, appreciate it. If you are passionate about digital technology in building design this is the best place to meet your tribe.

I miss mine.

Andreas, Julien and me at RTCEUR 2014 in Dublin

Andreas, Julien and me at RTCEUR 2014 in Dublin

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