Door Handing in Revit with Dynamo update

Door Handing Sample

I’ve been getting some feedback that the Door Handing workflow I used in my post Door Swing Direction in Revit from September 2014 does not always work. I have now double checked with Konrad, tested with Revit 2015 UR5 + Dynamo, and created a working sample model and corresponding definition. The sample file uses a single Door family and it’s Comments instance parameter. It should be rather straight forward to change the sample to work with any other project setting. Download:

Door Handing Sample

Please note that I have included two Door Handing nodes; Konrad’s Door Set Handing, part of his Package, and erfajo’s Door Handing node, part of the Package DanEDU Dynamo. They work slightly different, but should be able to provide the same results.

Konrad explicitly told me to forward any further problems to him directly. Check out his webpage for comments and contact details:

2 thoughts on “Door Handing in Revit with Dynamo update

  1. Olli Karjalainen

    When I was working on different projects, I began to be tired of repeating the Door Swing setting in Dynamo by adding all the door types to the code in my own line.

    I got the solution to the matter and when I finally found changing the search criteria
    For “Door Type” to “Categories” and from there the choice of Door as well
    “All Elements of Family Type” to “All Elements of Category,” which searches for all types of Doors

    Now the Door Swing program was working on all types and I survived one line of code.
    I’ve tested with big projects and everything works fine.

    T Erkki Karjalainen

    Well, somebody else could already have noticed the thing, but at least I did not see anything.

    Sorry my bad English, hopefully you’ll get to know
    T ek

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