These workshops are perfect for structural engineers, concrete contractors and reinforcement fabricators who are curious about the possibilities that within the reinforcement modeling and documentation tools in Revit. Based on my highly rated AU and RTC presentations, this content has already proved to be of high value for concrete reinforcement professionals around the world.

  • Introduction
  • Modeling challenges; what is difficult?
    • Complex concrete forms
    • The gap between BIM and CAD
    • Why use Revit in the first place?
  • Reinforcement categories and parameters
    • Rebar Cover
    • Structural Rebar
    • Structural Area Reinforcement
    • Structural Path Reinforcement
    • Structural Fabric Areas
    • Structural Fabric Reinforcement
  • Schedules
    • Parameters
    • Filters
    • Lap Splices and Total Lengths
    • Working Schedules
    • Totals
    • Wire Fabric Reinforcement Schedules
  • Drawings
    • Sections
    • Plans and Elevations
    • View Templates
    • Filters
    • 3D Views
  • Model Export
    • Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)

This content is based on the Autodesk University and Revit Technology Conference presentations on the same topic, and most of the published handout materials can be accessed in the Content section.

Structural rebars in beamArea reinforcementPost Tension for Fabrication

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