These training sessions aim to provide Project Managers with the skills to navigate, extract and publish building data in a Revit based project environment. Tool: Revit, IFC, Excel, Flux, ReCap.

  • Working with Plan Views, Ceiling Plans, Sections, Elevations, Detail Views, Legends, Orthographic 3D Views, Perspectives
  • Controlling Visibility, Categories and Worksets
  • Mastering Selection
  • Learning about Section Boxes, Scope Boxes, Crop Views and Guide Grids
  • Controlling graphic appearance and making things look pretty
  • Working with Phases
  • Managing Links
  • Work with ReCap and Point Clouds to analyze and measure precice models of the real world
  • Dimensioning and Measuring stuff
  • Learning about Revit Families and Types
  • Working with Parameters and Tags
  • Creating Schedules that can count almost anything
  • Printing drawing Sheets and screen shots to PDF
  • Exporting openBIM IFC-files that engineers, contractors and owners can open and analyze;
  • Making gaming-like models available to everyone using Revizto
  • Synchronizing critical model information between Excel, Revit and Grasshopper using Flux

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