The visual programming interface of Dynamo enables designers with the tools to extract, manipulate and move Building Information Model (BIM) data in ways that has previously been difficult to access. This course will teach participants how developing custom scripts in Dynamo can help them automate and enhance their own BIM workflows. Tools: Dynamo, Revit, Flux, Excel, Grasshopper.

  • Learn about the basics of visual programming and how Dynamo interacts with Revit
  • Learn how to extract data from the Revit database
  • Use computation and logic to extract relationships between data entries
  • Write new data back to the Revit database
  • Learn how simple computations can automate the creation and updates of Revit elements
  • Aquire the skills to create and automate drawing sheet creation workflows in Revit
  • Force Revit to talk with other software like Excel and Grasshopper through Dynamo and Flux

Le Monde Facade Panels2016-07-20_13-00-37Points_de_vue_Nord


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