I believe the best ways of learning digital technologies is to do so either in a project environment or a playful environment. In a project environment you relate newly acquired skills instantly to relevant tasks and operations. That way you get immediate and highly relevant associations for your new knowledge. In playful settings you are liberated by the fear of making mistakes, and you have fun. Things you learn while having fun have a way of sticking around.

DynamoThe visual programming interface of Dynamo enables designers with the tools to extract, manipulate and move Building Information Model (BIM) data in ways that has previously been difficult to access. This course will teach participants how developing custom scripts in Dynamo can help them automate and enhance their own BIM workflows. Tools: Dynamo, Revit, Flux, Excel, Grasshopper.

Interoperability. No tool can do everything. And every time you click “Export” you create a copy of information. Everything that is copied is a potential error, when you or your colleagues start using outdated and wrong data. This course will teach you how to work with linked data in CAD and BIM. These training sessions aim to provide designers with the skills and inspiration to create, manage and own their own Interoperability workflows. Tools: Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, Dynamo & Flux.

Manage. These training sessions aim to provide Project Managers with the skills to navigate, extract and publish building data in a Revit based project environment.

Modeling. These training sessions aim to provide Architects with the skills to work with Revit as a design tool, while actively using the database to analyse designs.

FamiliesTo master Revit you need to master Revit families. This workshop will guide you through all the various tools you need to know to make different families obey your every wish. We will cover geometry creation, parameter control, family templates, materials, subcategories, symbolic representation, massing, arrays, nesting and more, using a selection of exercises adapted your needs.

RebarThese workshops are perfect for structural engineers, concrete contractors and reinforcement fabricators who are curious about the possibilities that within the reinforcement modeling and documentation tools in Revit. Based on my highly rated AU and RTC presentations, this content has already proved to be of high value for concrete reinforcement professionals around the world.



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