Be the Engineer at Reope in Oslo

I want to hire an Engineer with personality who can code. I hope you get excited about creating engineering workflows and that you’re addicted to the feeling of building tools that work. You struggle with the way engineers design and document projects today, and you have tried doing something about it by learning to program.

I hope you’re not completely satisfied with just learning to code; You also wanted others to learn. So you started teaching your colleagues Dynamo, Grasshopper, Python and maybe even C# and the Revit API. I’m impressed by the dedication you have, to always improve and wanting others to as well.

You are happy but never satisfied. You are lazy but enthusiastic. You love to laugh but you get mad when you see boring manual work being done by highly educated, skilled, and experienced engineers.

If this sounds like you, get out of your box and call me.

Experience and education

I don’t get very excited about formal education, but in general we are looking for someone with the following background:

  • Minimum 3 years Bachelor in Engineering
  • Minimum 3 years relevant experience from the building industry
  • Excellent skills with Dynamo, Python and Revit


What you do depends on what you are passionate about, but most of our clients are hiring us for the following:

  • Leading software development projects for with our team of developers
  • Building parametric BIM-based design systems
  • Teaching other Engineers how to design with Revit, Dynamo, Grasshopper, Python & C#

People who have actively participated in any type of knowledge sharing are especially encouraged to apply.


Give me a call if you’re curious about working with us, or just send me an email with application and CV.

Håvard Vasshaug
+47 918 67 069

Vegard is an Engineer and Developer at Reope – look how happy he is!