Dark Group

Dark Group is one of Norway’s largest planning, architecture and interior design practices. We are an Oslo-based studio, and our work includes master planning, urban design, building design, landscape architecture and interior architecture, as well as furniture design, graphic design and visualization.

Besides having the coolest company name on the planet, Dark Group is a holding company and mother ship for the five subsidiaries a-lab, Dark Architects, Placebo Effects, Two Plus Two Architects and Zinc.


a-lab is a young international architecture office involved in a variety of innovative and experimental projects with a global character.

Luis Fonseca's picture of the Statoil building

Luis Fonseca’s picture of the Statoil building

These guys win a lot of cool projects and maintain a growing crew of talented young and highly Revit-skilled architects. They have internal training, manuals and plenty experience with open BIM, much thanks to the building information modeling prodigy that is Angie Arroyo.

Any sane (or insane for that matter) architect with a desire to work with amazing buildings and sophisticated models would cherish the opportunity to do so at a-lab.


Dark Architects

Being the original Dark company this entertaining group of talented individuals enjoy both vast architectural experience and innovative 3D design capabilities. For any person with above average Revit interests, they might sound familiar. To use football analogies, they can field a Revit modeling starting eleven capable of competing with the best in the world. Lead by their captain and playmaker Arne Folkestad Bjelland, and with the prolific artistic striker Lars “Der Bomber” Ribbum up front, Dark Architects can model anything down to the most perverted detail. On this building (the largest of course) madman Ribbum and his strike force modeled almost every single brick in 3D:

DNB Headquarters

DNB Headquarters

They recently featured in two Autodesk customer success videos; DARK Architects: Gaining Advantage with BIM and DARK Architects and Multiconsult: Barcode Project. (I think they contain much the same information.)

You’ve also got to love their BIM mantra; “We do not draw”.


Placebo Effects

Placebo Effects is a visualization company within The Dark Group and the work they product fills me with humble humility.

DNB Headquarters, Building B

DNB Headquarters, Building B

They work a lot with 3ds Max and often use the Revit models produced by the architectural companies as basis for their scenes.

Two Plus Two Architects

Let my tell you a story. The first Revit assignment I ever got was at Two Plus Two. I had used the program for less than 6 months and was introduced by the owner to the team as “the best Revit expert in the entire world.” Not only were the expectations high, their complex models often exceeded 300 – 400 MB, and this during a time when Revit’s biggest problem was performance. Sweat poured down my back as i nervously smiled and desperately tried to pretend any of the hype was true.

I survived, and now enjoy the company of the beautiful, funny and energetic characters that make up this fantastic group.

With both digital and mental limitations, I made this amateur orthography for them in 2008:

Haakon VII's Street 5

Haakon VII’s Street 5, modeled by Ullrich Mende

It featured in the 2010 version of Mastering Revit Architecture by Greg Demchak, Tatjana Dzambazova and Eddy Krygiel.


The interior architects in the house are currently seated on the top floor, and right they are. They make stunning interior design and now work out how to do so more often in Revit, collaborating with the architectural companies. Or The Façade Departments, as Zinc prefer to call them.

DNB Headquarters Board Room

DNB Headquarters Board Room, designed by Zinc. and visualized by Placebo Effects

Zinc provides interior inspiration at their blog zincspiration and their Norwegian website is at zinc.no.

For me, all this means I get to work with digital 3D across a wide range of projects and people, in one of the largest and most innovative design environments in the world.

Which totally rocks.


3 thoughts on “Dark Group

  1. gisele

    thanks Harvard for posting these renderings! I am also filled with “humble humility” when looking at all that Placebo Effects can do. Also, I really like the way that you capture your feelings each scenario- it’s so wonderful to read your first person accounts of how you felt.

    1. Håvard Vasshaug Post author

      That is very nice of you to say Gisele. Thank you!

      I wish I could publish the videos Placebo Effects make. They are truly remarkable. I’ll let you know in case I get permission to do so:)


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