My name is Håvard Vasshaug and I’m the Founder of Reope. We are architects and engineers who code and you hire us as your development team because we understand what you are trying to do.

Reach out to me below if you have enquiries or questions about how I can help your organization become more efficient. I can build and implement tools and workflows together with my team at Reope and I can create engagement by sharing inspiring stories about digital transformation in AEC from my life as a design technology manager and founder.


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  1. Milos

    Hi Michael,
    I just mentioned your blog and your AU documentation on reinforcement on my Slovenian blog. I hope you don’t mind if I post also two of your pictures of reinforcement. If so, please respond, and I’ll remove them.
    Greetings from Slovenia,

  2. Michael W. Sullivan, CTech

    Hey there,
    I was impressed with your post on Post-Tensioning, a well thought out approach. Can the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ be tagged or given spot elevations on the structural plans? BTW, Ben Osborne was part of the Alpha testing Gunslinger group I attended last October, he also had some good thoughts on revit structural solutions.

    1. Håvard Vasshaug Post author

      Thanks Michael!

      Yes the bars can be tagged with spot elevations. I haven’t gone into detail yet and don’t know if every part of every surface is tagged, but I see that points are very easily identified by the Spot Elevation tool. That should open up some flexibility.

      It seems both Ben and me have been to three Gunslingers, but never to the same one. Perhaps Autodesk is afraid of what that might lead to hehe 🙂


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