A while ago I wrote the blog post Impossible.

I couldn’t say at the time but the project in question was the new Le Monde Headquarters in Paris, France. After years of construction and a global pandemic, the building is today finally in use.

I cannot express with words how fantastic it was to have the opportunity to work on this building, most because of it’s 3 key Snøhetta ingredients: People, Process and Projects, and in that particular order. The individuals I got to know as colleagues on this will stay in my heart forever; The process I was involved with was an amazing one, a process I’ve covered in great length at conferences and events (and in the original blog post); And the architecture of the site in itself is one that resonates with me deeply, going all the way back to the Charlie Hebdo attacks, challenging the original proposal and of course the sphere cut. Here are a few pictures. I think Luca, who was responsible for the facade development, took most of them.

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