Using Dynamo to manipulate building data in BIM part 3: Random Parameter Values

A while back I got into a conversation with Daniel Hurtubise at Renzo Piano Building Workshop about possible Dynamo use cases. It turned out we had aligned ideas: Trying out different randomizing techniques with Revit Planting (and other) Families.

Today I recorded a short video demonstrating how you can do this in Dynamo. For the method to work you need parametric planting families. I got mine from Revit legend Andy Milburn. Read about (and download) my revised families in my blog post Flat People. Planting Families are a bit weird in Revit, but Andy made them flexible by using Family Nesting and Number Parameters for width and height scaling, in addition to an Angle Parameter for rotation.

Random Planting Shadows

This is a generic workflow that can be used on any number of Revit Families and Parameters. For instance, I have randomized facade modules with the same methods previously.


15 thoughts on “Using Dynamo to manipulate building data in BIM part 3: Random Parameter Values

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  3. Ovunc

    Really Nice script that just stimulating for a beginner like me . i’m working on a facade randomization also but its kinda different , i got lots of differently perforated panel types and (it’s kinda weird word ) actually only schedulable different parameter of them is their names . So Basicly it needs more parameters to switch randomly selected panels with other types or what ? Any Help would be appreciated 🙂

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  5. Karho

    Very nice script Havard! I’ve been trying to randomize Family Types based on the available types in a family. In this case it would be the trees being randomized by different trees in the same family. I was only able to extract all the types inside the family but couldn’t set the family type randomized back into the project. Any chance you know how to do this?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Nicola Strazza

    Nice post! I’ve used a similar function to assign random material panel in a curtain wall.
    The material was linked with a index in the panel family.

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  8. mizouri

    hi ! I’m Parisian student , and I’m doing a research about Revit and Dynamo , Do you accept to answer some questions about Dynamo in the aim to share your experience with this program , and be a part of this research with your testimony ??? it would be great if you accept 🙂 thanks


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