Training March Update



One of the things that I both do and enjoy most at my work is teaching Revit to architects and engineers. Building on my experiences the last couple of years, and in particular the last year at Dark, I’ve come to formalize the different training sessions that I feel are valuable for the people who attend, and that I enjoy doing most myself.

I’ve updated and added these to the Training section.

I freelance these sessions now, in addition to doing them at Dark, and whoever is reading this and thinking “that would be cool” is more than welcome to check with my availability.

Here are the courses and presentations that I have formalized so far:

Concrete Reinforcement: The topic of my presentations at AU and RTC the past year and a half, and my main occupation for the good part of the past five years.

Conceptual Modeling: Derived from my obsession with Adaptive Components, learnt during last years paternity leave and quality assured at Computational Design workshops at Dark.

Dynamo: Julien Benoit told me I needed to learn this, and he was right. Not only is it the future of building design, whether you make crazy forms or just work fast, It’s also very much fun. The exercises have been developed at Computational Design training sessions and workshops at Dark this winter.

Families: The first thing I was told at Dark when I came here was “make a training session for family creation”. I’ve taught families for 7 or 8 years now and still work on perfecting the exercises. My focus now is user friendly and beautiful content; Less is more.

Let me know if you are interested in these topics, know someone who would be or if you have suggestions for other content!

Adaptive Components

Adaptive Components

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