Computational Design in Revit: Work Inspired by Sang Hoon Kim

Sang Hoon Kim 6

Some time ago I stumbled upon the work of designer Sang Hoon Kim while surfing the Internet. Bam! Revit model.

Sang Hoon Kim 3

Well, “Bam! Revit model” is slightly exaggerating. It took me about a month of tweaking before I was satisfied enough to write a post. I’m still not 100 % happy, but sometimes you just need to get shit out the door.

Sang Hoon Kim 8Sang Hoon Kim 8 hidden

My version of Mr. Kim’s design is obviously different from the original concept, but the inspiration is still apparent.

Sang Hoon Kim 1 hidden

This turned out to be an exercise in computational design studies in Revit. I originally wanted the entire model to iterate from one parameter (Universal Ratio), but that turned out to counteract the aesthetics. I tried to connect everything to the ratio parameter, but whether I used the golden ratio, 8:5, 4:3, 16:9 or Phi the model just would not look good. Or, as good as I expected.

Now, the total width and height are independent of the ratio, as are the angle parameters that control the radial placement of the vertical paths. The Universal Ratio is resigned to “just” control the horizontal relationships between the circles and the wood panel cross sections.

Sang Hoon Kim plan family2013-04-15 13-14-09

It is impossible to automatically align path nodes vertically and horizontally. The only way of doing this is using Reference Planes and Path Intersects, and that limits your ability to change the number of divisions. Room for improvement, Autodesk!

Sang Hoon Kim perspective family

The formulas used to control the geometry is inverted exponential. That is very easily shown with Image-O-Matic:

For more videos, please visit my YouTube channel.

For more images see Gallery.

Download Mass family: Sang Hoon Kim 🙂

Sang Hoon Kim 2

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