Curved Ceiling with Alternating Wood Profiling

nadderudhallen top In my series of modeling stories that relate to water, next up is the roof of my local public bath. The last couple of times I’ve been there with my children I haven’t been able to resist fantasizing about modeling the ceiling in Revit. nadderudhallen below lsb It’s not very complicated really, and again I cannot help loving the new Repeater tool in Revit 2013. The Mass family is set up with two splines defined by 6 points, two of which controls the end tangent angles. Zach Kron has quite recently, in his blog post Candy Stripes for your Facade, shown how we can use several different panels and components with the repeat command and obtain alternating patterns. Here I’ve used two different 2-point Adaptive Components, one lying and one standing wood board. The wood profile sizes can be parameterized and associated with the repeater path spacing in whatever ingenious way you want. nadderudhallen blue below When the entire mass ceiling family is loaded into a project, I set up concrete columns and beams with voids that extend the concrete geometry with a parametric tolerance. This enables me to change the distance between wood panels and concrete elements very easy. nadderudhallen elevation The only sucky aspect here is (again) that I have to use Cut Geometry manually on every single panel. But once done, it’s quite nice! nadderudhallen top ortho cropYou can download the Mass RFA here: Curved Ceiling with Alternating Wood Profiling

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