A tribute overdue and a boost to the gallery


I have this friend who I’ve known since before I became an engineer and that I currently work with at Rambøll. His name is Anders, and since it’s mostly because of him that I started learning Revit in the first place I believe a modest mention is in place.

This guy is the only structural engineer I know who 3D detail all reinforcement in a project, use it for scheduling and 2D documentation, and export it to Max for some high end rendering. Of course he also just had to do a capture of his own bald head and reinforce that as well. (Some would say he should have done that a long time ago.)



As you can see in this site’s Gallery I have a thing for shaded Revit views exported as images (as contrary to rendered material). Anders has also done some cool stuff with shaded views, and this bridge is a good example.


Last up from my buddy is a short video he made using Particle Flow in Max on a structure project modeled in Revit 2013.


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